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Garden Learning

Garden Learning

Hallmark of Our School....Heart of Our Community

Our garden is a tribute to the learning opportunities that transpire when our school and the community come together. Over the course of the last several years students, staff, and community volunteers have transformed a once-barren courtyard into an awe-inspiring showcase.  

Our gratitude goes out to Oak Harbor Junior Garden Co-chairs Helene Valdez and Carol Henry who literally and figuratively planted the seeds that grew this project. Students meet with these Ms. Valdez and Ms. Henry weekly to learn about gardening, sustainability, and giving back to the community.

On any given day,  students and community volunteers mingle while weeding, fertilizing, watering, or pruning. Everyone learns about the progress of the seasons, cultivating plants, and reaping the rewards of the harvest. The harvest of our garden along with eggs from our chickens are donated to our local food bank. Thanks to ongoing grants from the Oak Harbor Education Foundation, the Hillcrest PTA, and the Oak Harbor Garden Club combined with the support of our Navy Partners and other local businesses, the Hillcrest Learning Garden continues to provide one-of-a-kind memorable learning opportunities for Hillcrest students.

Garden Highlights

 Dozens of Raised Beds

 Garry Oak Nursery

 Spring Flower Garden

 Covered Outdoor Classroom

 Shade Garden

 Rain Barrels

 Berry Garden

 Irrigation System

 Herb Garden

 Compost Bins

 Vegetable Garden

 Worm Bins

 Apple Trees

 Row Covers & Hoop Houses


 Monarch Butterfly Waystation

 Bean Pole Teepee

 Garden Murals & Sculptures

 Chicken Coop

 Bird Baths & Bird Houses